A Safe, Effective Alternative to the Flu Vaccine

baby getting vaccinatedAbout a month and a half ago, I wrote about and gave evidence as to why the (swine) flu vaccine and treatment is not safe or effective. The mainstream media continues to hype the swine (H1N1) flu even though there have only been a total 79 deaths reported in Canada according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

scienceThe current cover story in The Atlantic Magazine, “Does the Vaccine Matter?” goes over in detail the problems with the flu and swine flu vaccine, as well as the antiviral drugs used by doctors as standard treatment. They interview some experts who say that the flu and the swine flu vaccine are potentially useless. Some scientists reviewed the flu vaccine studies and found that they were biased by the “healthy user effect.” Healthy people are more likely to get the flu shot because they are more mobile, whereas the unhealthy people did not tend to get the flu shot. Most of the studies that have been published on the efficacy of the flu vaccine are flawed and riddled with bias. The cover story also talks about a few of the vocal, brave scientists who have spoken out against the flu vaccine, and have subsequently been snubbed and ignored by their peers and the scientific journals because they failed to tow the line.

Here’s the good news: there are alternatives that work. People with low immunity should get constitutional homeopathic treatment, it’s an absolute must for people with low immunity. There are also other natural ways to boost your immunity.

But, let’s say you have a strong immune system but still don’t want to risk getting the H1N1 or regular flu. Others are in high risk groups for the (swine) flu, such as pregnant women, the elderly, asthmatics, people with compromised immune systems, or young children. These people will all benefit from homeopathic flu immunizations.

To immunize against the flu, we use the homeopathic remedy Influenzinum. Influenzinum is a remedy made from flu viruses, rendered completely safe and non-toxic by a homeopathic pharmacist.

ist2_3805153-macro-of-homeopathic-pillsIn 1998 the French Society of Homeopathy conducted a survey of 23 homeopathic doctors concerning their use of Influenzinum as a flu preventative. The survey included use of Influenzinum over a 10 year period (1987-1998) in 458 patients. Results of the survey were remarkable. In approximately 90 percent of the cases no instances of the flu occurred when Influenzinum was used preventively.

I offer homeopathic immunizations for the flu at my clinic, and they are now available for purchase online. I use a high potency of Influenzinum 1M obtained from Helios Pharmacy in England. The immunization remedy must be taken once per month until the end of the flu season. It is taken by mouth and comes in the form of sugar pellets. It is safe and effective for pregnant women and children of any age, including babies.

Influenzinum-ThymulinePeople may have seen the Boiron product Influenzinum 9C in Canadian health food stores. Homeocan also carries Influenzinum. I have heard that the Homeocan and Boiron Influenzinum is not very effective because it is sourced from the regular influenza vaccine, whereas the Helios Influenzinum is sourced from actual influenza viruses. Plus the Boiron 9C is such a low potency that you would have to take it once a week for 6 months, which would be very time-consuming and costly.

However, there is another homeopathic immune-boosting product called Thymuline. I have heard that this product actually does boost the immune system so it might be worth a try.

Feel free to contact the clinic if you have any questions about homeopathic flu immunizations.

By Sonya McLeod
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27 thoughts on “A Safe, Effective Alternative to the Flu Vaccine

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  6. Hello, I live in st.Albert( Edmonton) Alberta.Do you know of a clinic that offers this?? I took Influenzum 9CH last year.In your article you are talking about 9c, and yes this is Boiron. I would like to get some info from you if possible. Thank you for your reply!! regards, Catharina Broadfoot

      • HI AGAIN,

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    • Hello Elaine. No, the Influenzinum is not made from H1N1, there is no H1N1 Influenzinum available anywhere as far as I know. However, our immunizations are based on symptom similarity, not DNA. Since the symptoms of swine flu are similar to the regular flu, the Influenzinum should cover H1N1, but there are no guarantees.

  8. I’m gonna start by saying, I’ve never been vaccinated for anything ever, I’m not sure what I think about vaccines, and I currently don’t plan on getting any.

    That said, I think just about all of your arguments against vaccines (other than safety) can be applied just as well to your own claims.

    (1) They’re hyping it because they want more people to get the vaccine, thereby making them more money. I see this as a valid claim – but how are you not doing the same thing? You quite obviously have a vested interest in this yourself, and you’re even advertising your services in this post. I don’t know you and wouldn’t necessarily call you greedy; but I would have just as much reason to as you do of calling them greedy.

    (2) The science backing up the vaccines is bad. This WOULD be a very valid point, except that your source is “some scientists”. And even more importantly, your ONE source for your own treatment is riddled with the same problems and more:
    A: There’s no link or other information to look up the study one’s self.
    B: It’s got a huge potential for bias; I imagine the pharmaceutical equivalent of the French Society of Homeopathy doing a study on homeopathy, would be something like the “Pharmaceutical Industries Association” doing a study on vaccines. (I don’t know if such an organization exists; but you get the idea)
    C: The “healthy user effect” sounds likely – but from the information you’ve presented, it sounds just as likely to apply to the study you mentioned as well.
    D: The sample size is fairly small. I read somewhere else someone criticizing the vaccine studies for only having 1,000s of subjects.
    E: Presumably there’s no real need for an actual control group, because the “control” data should be fairly easy to obtain by other means… but where is that data? 10% does sound like it’s probably lower than the average, but how much lower?

    (3) In your other post linked at the beginning of this one, you accuse the pharmaceutical industry of “scaremongering”. In my opinion, this is simply the media making everything more dramatic to keep people interesting – something like this has a lot of drama potential. Regardless, it seems like you’re doing the same thing yourself; for instance, from your post: “As if all this information is not disturbing enough, …”.

    - Ben

    • Hello Ben. Thanks for taking the time to write in. All I am trying to do is provide a safe alternative to the flu vaccine at a very affordable price – at $5 per person you can’t call me greedy. Obviously, at $5 per person, with 6 remedy envelopes and 6 doses of remedy I am making no money off this. I am doing this to spark some interest in homeopathy. Constitutional homeopathy is a very effective alternative to traditional medicine. It treats all kinds of complaints effectively such as migraines, low immunity, hormonal problems, etc. I say this because I’ve seen it work. Thanks for your criticisms, I will certainly provide the link to the study. Obviously more studies are needed. One thing I can say for sure though, homeopathy isn’t harmful. Pharmaceuticals are because they contain toxins. There is one homeopath who has done studies on homeopathic immunizations for children, Dr. Isaac Golden, I plan to write more about him in further blogs. He uses a large sample size and his results are 85-90% effectiveness with the childhood immunizations. There was also an immunization program put into place in Cuba – fatalities dropped from thousands to a handful of people, amazing results, which I will certainly link to and talk about in later blogs. Homeopathic immunizations have been used for hundreds of years. Obviously more studies are needed, but as I said before, they are not harmful, and the studies that have been done are favourable. The #1 thing I recommend for the flu is constitutional homeopathy. I think that constitutional homeopathy gets to the root of the problem, but if you want extra assurance and don’t want to get the regular vaccine, why not take the Influenzinum, it certainly won’t harm you.
      I’m sorry that you feel that I am scaremongering. I just want to get the information out there. People should hear the other side, and if you feel that I’m coming across as too sensational I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to, I just want to get the other side of the story out there, and that’s my writing style.
      I just want to make this point again: homeopaths aren’t greedy. We care about people and we work hard. We get to the root of the problem and we cure people. People get better and eventually they can stop taking any types of remedies or pills instead of suppressing their symptoms with steroids, for example, which is why I call it real medicine.
      My motivation is to educate about what homeopathy can do, which is a lot, and the harm that allopathic medicine can do, although of course it does have a place. I just think that people should be using alternatives more and “regular medicine” less.

  9. I’ve been reading all about the H1N1 vaccine and homeopathic alternatives… I do have 1 very important questions. Does the homeopathic alternative contain any sort of EGG product.
    Both my children have anaphalactic allergies to EGG DAIRY and NUTS so they are unable to get the H1N1 vaccine.

    Any thoughts ??

    • Hello Natalie. No, the homeopathic alternative contains no eggs or nuts. People with allergies can take homeopathic products safely without worrying about allergens. The only possible allergen that might be a problem for some people is lactose, but lactose free remedies are available if required.

  10. I am taking muco coccinum 200 .. isn’t the same? This one is based on a homeopathic medicine prepared with various strains of bacterial and viruses. It includes two strains of the worst flu epidemics of the 20 th century. Obviously mucco coccinum is more expensive…..$22 the pack of ten tablets…

    I truly believe in homeopathy I have used it in France, the country I was born..and homeopathy is well recognized there compare to North America.
    I will not get the H1H1 vaccine because we don’t know yet the side effects….and I am pretty sure that the Media play a role at scaring people with the swine flu in general.. if it was that bad well the gvt will close schools etc etc.. it’s not the case now…. but who’s telling the truth? Government versus media…. I prefer to go with the homeopathic route because I know that Homeopathy will cause no harm in my child… thanks for reading GG

  11. Hi – I am interested in purchasing the Homeopathic Flu Immunizations for myself, my husband and my 14 month old little girl. We have been taking the homeocan 2009 – 2010 influenzinum along with the thymo for 3 weeks now. After reading your blog I don’t know if it has been a waste of time. Could you ship to Texas? Thank you so much for your help.

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