Postpartum Homeopathy

Originally published in the Autumn 2010 Childbearing Society Newsletter

Common Postpartum Conditions and Remedies

Here is a list of some of the most common conditions as well as the most commonly indicated remedies. If self prescribing does not help, do not hesitate to consult a professional classical homeopath. It is also always best to consult with a professional homeopath and a medical doctor when dealing with serious postpartum conditions.

After Delivery (For the New Mother)

After Labour

A few doses of Arnica 200C given before, during and immediately after labour will often prevent afterpains and postpartum hemorrhage. Arnica is especially useful after a traumatic birth. The dose can be repeated if needed. Also give Arnica to the baby if the head is bruised.

After a Caesarean Section, Tearing, or Episiotomy

The best remedy to take for these conditions is Staphysagria 30C repeated 3 times per day until the pain subsides. Also apply calendula tincture in a topical pump spray or calendula cream to the injured area.

Postpartum Retention of Urine

Causticum 30C is the most common remedy for this condition. Try a few doses spaced 15-30 minutes apart.

Phlebitis (Swelling of the veins of the leg)

Hamamelis 30C is the most common remedy for phlebitis due to injury or trauma to the veins during childbirth. Try a few doses spaced 15-30 minutes apart, then continue taking it up to 3 times per day until the condition improves.

Postpartum Depression

This condition can be treated successfully by a professional homeopath. It is best not to self prescribe for postpartum depression.

After Delivery (For the Newborn)

After a Traumatic Labour

Give Arnica 200C if the baby‘s head is bruised or swollen spaced. Repeat a few times a day for a few days until injuries improve.

Conjunctivitis (Inflammation of the Eye)

Give Aconite 30C a few times per day for a few days, until symptoms subside.


A few doses of Aconite 30C used along with standard treatments should hasten the disappearance of this condition.

Nursing Difficulties

Insufficient Milk Flow

There are a few frequently indicated remedies for insufficient or absent milk flow. Give a 30C potency of the indicated remedy a few times per day until flow is restored:

Chamomilla: Loss of milk flow and anger in the mother.
Urtica Urens: Nonappearance of milk with few other symptoms
Lac Caninum: The flow diminishes in one breast, then the other
Lactuca Virosa: Use if the above remedies don‘t seem indicated.


Frequently indicated remedies for this condition include the following. Give a 30C potency of the indicated remedy a few times per day until the problem resolves.

Phytolacca: the most frequently indicated remedy for mastitis. the breasts are often lumpy and will be caked with hard knots and nodules.
Bryonia: the breast pain is worse after any kind of movement.
Belladonna: mastitis with sudden onset, high fever and throbbing pain
Lac Caninum: the breasts are so sensitive that even the touch of clothing against the breasts is excruciatingly painful
Hepar Sulphuris: the breast is extremely painful and worse if exposed to drafts.
Silica: the breasts have painful cracks in the nipples

Also the topical application of calendula cream will help unblock the milk ducts.

By Sonya McLeod
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