Homeopathic Cell Salts Basics

What are the homeopathic cell salts?

Other terms for homeopathic cell salts are biochemic remedies, Schuessler Tissue Salts and Schuessler Cell Salts. They are a therapeutic system introduced by William Heinrich Shuessler, MD, in 1873. Dr. Schuessler contended that disease is fundamentally caused by insufficiencies of mineral salts in the tissue cells of the body and that supplying these salts corrects the deficiencies and thereby ameliorates disease. Cell salts are important for daily functioning, maintaining, rebuilding, and detoxifying the cells. They harmonize the bodily functions and improve the absorption of nutrients from food.

What conditions can the homeopathic cell salts be used for?

There are 12 homeopathic cell salts and they can be used for almost any condition. I have found them to be the most useful with people who are relatively healthy. They are most useful with fixing nutritional deficiencies and children react well to them.

What potency should I use?

The cell salts usually only come in one potency (strength), 6X. I only recommend the 6X potency when using cell salts.

Are the cell salts safe to take during pregnancy?

Yes, they are safe, and are also recommended during pregnancy to correct nutritional deficiencies in the mother and unborn baby. Taking the cell salts will result in an easier pregnancy & labour, and healthier newborn. Learn more about: The Pregnancy Cell Salt Program

Is the dosage different for children?

Yes, when taking a dose, children should take half the dose that adults take.

What cell salts build strong teeth?

The two main cell salts recommended for children and adults who are prone to difficult teething, cavities and have decaying or weak teeth:

Calcarea Fluorica and Calcarea Phosphorica. These two cell salts should be taken twice daily to strengthen the teeth.

What cell salt brings down a fever?

Ferrum Phosphoricumwill often bring down a mild or moderate fever. Give as often as every 15 minutes.

What cell salts are useful for coughs are colds?

Use Ferrum Phosphoricum at the beginning of a cough or cold. Natrum Muriaticum is indicated if the mucus is runny and watery. Kalium Muriaticum is indicated at the later stages of a cold when the mucus is thick and white. Give 3X per day, or as often as every 15 minutes for more serious colds or coughs.

What cell salts are useful for muscle aches and cramps?

I have found Magnesium Phosphoricum to be very useful for muscle pains, including growing pains. It can also help with period pain and digestive pain.

What cell salt can be used for heartburn?

Natrum Phosphoricum neutralizes acidity, and thus it’s a good cell salt to use for heartburn. Take as often as 3X per day before meals.

What cell salt benefits the nails and hair?

Silicea will strengthen the nails and hair.

By Sonya McLeod
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