Homeopathy for Bikram Yoga


As an experienced homeopath who has reaped the benefits of Bikram Yoga for many years, I would like to share some holistic and homeopathic tips that will help Bikram/hot yoga enthusiasts with their yoga practice.

Balancing Electrolytes

This is one of the most common problems encountered with Bikram Yoga practitioners. The intense heat and sweating can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, which can then lead to dizziness, nausea, tiredness and/or headache.

2010_06_KombuchaIt is now trendy to sell coconut water in Bikram Yoga studios. Drinking a can or bottle of good quality coconut water before, during or after practice will balance electrolytes. Personally, I enjoy drinking a bottle of kombucha during practice, which contains natural probiotics, naturally detoxes the body, and balances out electrolytes.

HYL-10682-0Having a pinch of sea salt after practice can also help balance electrolytes, but I also recommend taking homeopathic cell salts. I recommend the Hyland’s brand Bio-XII (aka Bioplasma), a blend of all 12 homeopathic cell salts. Before class, take 6 pellets in a clean dry mouth without water, or the pellets can be put in your water bottle that you take with you into yoga class, and sipped during your practice. If feeling a bit depleted a few hours after your class, another 6 pellets of Bio-XII can be taken.

Headache, Nausea and/or Dizziness from Overheating

vertigo-newMost practitioners of Bikram Yoga have experienced headache, nausea and/or dizziness at some point during their practice. Usually headache, nausea and dizziness can be avoided by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after practice, along with also ensuring to balance electrolytes (see above suggestions). I also feel that one is more prone to headache, nausea and dizziness when one is new to Bikram Yoga, before the body has gotten used to doing yoga in hot conditions. Once you start coming regularly, your body becomes used to the heat and will be less susceptible to nausea, dizziness and headache.

Taking a cool shower at the studio or after returning home will help to cool down your body and can help relieve symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headache. If you are really feeling like you need to leave the yoga room at any point during your practice, please listen to your intuition and do so. Of course it is always best to stay in the yoga room if you can (you can lie down and rest at any point during your practice for as long as you need to).

If you are drinking enough water and are balancing electrolytes but are still suffering from a headache, homeopathic remedies can help. Glonoinum 30C and Belladonna 30C or 200C are the main remedies for headache after overheating.

headachePeople needing the remedy Belladonna will typically have dilated pupils and a red face, whereas people needing Glonoinum would have contracted pupils, a pale face and low pulse. A person with a Belladonna headache is better from bending the head backward, worse in the open air and better from holding the head still; whereas a person needing Glonoinum is worse from bending the head backward, relieved in open air and cannot keep still.

Nux Vomica 30C is the first remedy to think of for persistent nausea after overexertion/overheating. The nausea may also be accompanied by an intense headache.

Cocculus 30C is the first remedy to think of if there is nausea accompanied by vertigo (dizziness). There may also be a feeling of lightheadedness.

Dosage for Headache, Nausea and Dizziness: Give 1 dose every 20-30 minutes for up to 3 doses. Repeat thereafter only after symptoms return. Try a new remedy if there is no relief within 15 minutes after the 3rd dose.

Yoga Injuries from Overstretching

stk62884cor_XSMany people go to yoga to help them heal from injuries. Note that yoga combined with homeopathic first aid remedies will help the body heal naturally from injuries.

However, people can occasionally injure themselves by overstretching and pushing themselves too hard in the yoga poses. Please try not to push yourself too hard, or let an overzealous teacher push you too hard, otherwise you do risk injuring yourself.

The first remedy to take after injury due to overstretching of the ligaments and tendons is Arnica 30C or 200C, but only if there is a lot of swelling. Arnica Cream can also be used topically. Once the swelling has improved, switch to one of the two remedies below:

Rhus Tox 30C is the most common remedy for injuries from overstretching. The pain is worse after initial motion, but improves after continued motion.

Bryonia 30C should be used if the pain is worse by any motion whatsoever.

Dosage for Yoga Injuries: Take the indicated remedy every 3 hours for the first 2 days, then twice a day after that. Discontinue after the pain decreases significantly.

Commonsense Measures: Rest, elevate the injured part, ice the affected area, and apply firm pressure to the injured part. After 1-2 days, switch to warm compresses, or continue using ice if preferred.

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Homeopathy for Injuries & Accidents


Homeopathic remedies can be used for a variety of first aid health complaints, including injuries. Whether the injury is from an accident, playing sports, physical strain or another type of vigorous physical activity, it’s time to reach for your Homeopathic First Aid Kit.

Cuts and Scrapes

Apply direct pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding, then wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Apply Calendula Cream before covering the wound with a bandage. Repeat application with the Calendula Cream 3-4 times per day.

Additionally, homeopathic Calendula 30C can also be taken 2-3 times per day.

See an MD if there is much redness, swelling or pus buildup around the wound, if there are red streaks extending from around the wound, or if fever has occurred.


Apply ice packs to the injured part for 30 minutes to reduce swelling.

Arnica 30C or 200C is the main remedy for bruising. For minor bruising, take 2-3 times per day. For more severe bruising, take every hour the first day, then 3 times per day on subsequent days. Discontinue dosing after bruising improves.

Take Ledum 30C if the bruise feels cold and numb, or if Arnica has stopped helping. Ledum 30C is also the remedy of choice for a black eye. Take 3 times per day.

For bruising of the bones, take Ruta 30C. This remedy is indicated for bruising of the shin, kneecap, or elbow. Take 3 times per day.

Puncture Wounds

After being wounded by a sharp, foreign object, clean the wound with soap and water. Then, soak the wounded part in warm water for 15 minutes three times per day to speed healing. Cover the wound with a bandage if there is an opening in the skin. Apply Calendula Cream before covering the wound with a bandage. Repeat application with the Calendula Cream 3-4 times per day.

Ledum 30c is the most common remedy for puncture wounds.

Give Apis 30C instead of Ledum if there is a lot of heat and swelling.

Hypericum 30C should instead be given if there are sharp, shooting pains.

For knife wounds, given Staphysagria 30C, along with seeking medical attention.

For puncture wounds, give one of the above remedies 3-4 times per day.

Strains and Sprains: Injuries to the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons

Rest the injured part, apply an ice pack to the injured area, wrap a bandage around the injured part, and keep the injured part elevated.

Apply Arnica Gel to the injured part twice per day. Additionally, the following homeopathic remedies can be taken internally:

Arnica 30C or 200C is usually the first remedy to take after a strain or sprain. This remedy is indicated if there is bruising, swelling and inflammation.

Once the swelling and bruising has improved, you may want to switch to another indicated remedy, listed below:

Rhus Tox 30c is one of the most frequently indicated remedies after a strain or sprain. The pain and stiffness are worse on first motion, and are better upon continued movement. This remedy is commonly indicated after overlifting or physical overexertion.

Bryonia 30C if motion makes the injury worse, and the only way to relieve the pain is to keep the injured part very still.

Try Ruta 6C or 30C if the injury is close to the bone. This remedy is useful for injuries to the wrists or ankles, and for tennis elbow.

Strontium Carbonicum 6C is a good remedy to try for ankle sprains that have not responded to other remedies, or for recurrent ankle sprains.

Give one of the above indicated remedies 3 times per day for up to 3 weeks.

Fractures (Broken Bones)

After medical attention has been sought, the following remedies can speed healing:

Arnica 30C or 200C should be the first remedy given after a fracture. It will help with bruising, swelling and tenderness.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30C should be given instead of Arnica if there is not much bruising or swelling, or it can be given after Arnica.

Give the above remedies 3X per day.

After the initial pain and swelling have diminished, give Symphytum 6C, 3 times per day for 2-3 weeks.

Bryonia 30C is a useful remedy for broken ribs. Give a dose or two of Arnica first, then give Bryonia 3X per day.

Nerve Injuries

For injuries to the nerves, such as fingers and toes, give Hypericum 30C three times per day. Also apply Arnica Gel to the injured area.

Rest, elevate, and ice the injured part.

Head Injuries & Whiplash

Arnica 30C or 200C should be the first remedy given if there is bleeding, bruising, pain and shock. Give a dose every hour for 5-6 doses.

Hypericum 12C or 30C is the most useful remedy for whiplash. Give one dose daily for up to three weeks.

Natrum Sulphuricum 200C is useful for head injuries that have not responded completely to Arnica, or for people who have never been well since a head injury. Give 3 doses only, spaced 8 hours apart.


Those who are experiencing chronic pain, or have never been well since an injury, require constitutional homeopathic treatment. Contact the clinic to book an appointment.

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Homeopathic First Aid

Health ArticleA few months back I wrote an article in the Georgia Straight newspaper titled “Homeopathic Remedies Reduce Outdoor Worries.” For those of you who are brand new to homeopathy and don’t have the time or interest to read a lot about it, I would like to give you some basic information so that you can start using homeopathy accurately and effectively. Anybody can use homeopathic first aid remedies without knowing a lot about homeopathy. These are the basic things that you need to know:

Boiron KitHomeopathic remedies can be found at most health food stores or natural pharmacies. The first aid remedies are very common so it is a pretty safe bet that you can find those easily. They can also be purchased at some homeopathic clinics or online.Most people buy a few remedies and try them out, then once they see how well they work they decide to buy a kit, which saves you money in the long run and is a lot more convenient.

Boiron-Arnica-Montana-30CHThe remedies are in sugar pill form and come in small plastic vials. In Canada, there are only two homeopathic companies, Boiron and Homeocan. Boiron is more common and well known. They are French companies and their Canadian head offices are based in Quebec.

You will probably notice that there are numbers beside the remedy name. For example, you see that the Arnica bottle says “Arnica 30″. This number indicates the potency of the remedy. The higher the number, the higher and stronger the potency.

What remedies to shop for? I talk about the most common homeopathic first aid remedies in my article. No household should do without Arnica. It is great for any type of injury, including surgery and dental visits. For kids, Apis is also indispensable, great for bug bites and bee/wasp stings. Ledum is a great infection preventative, give it anytime there is a risk of infection. Hypericum is good for any type of shooting pain, and Bryonia and Rhus Tox are good for injuries to the muscles, joints and tendons. Ruta is a good for injuries to the bone. Another one that I did not have time to mention in my article is Symphytum. It speeds the healing of broken bones and fractures, and should be given in a low potency (6C) over a period of weeks. Staphysagria is worth mentioning as well, it is useful for incised wounds, when there has been cutting with a knife (such as after surgery).

So here is the complete shopping list for someone who wants to be very well equipped for any type of bodily injury:

Arnica 200C
Apis 30C
Ledum 30C
Hypericum 30C
Bryonia 30C
Rhus Tox 30C
Ruta 30C
Symphytum 6C
Staphysagria 30C

Now you have bought the remedies, but how do you take them? Dissolve only 1-2 pellets of the remedy under the tongue. Take dry, half an hour away from food or drink if possible. Give every half hour for three doses. If the problem does not improve at all, you have probably selected the wrong remedy. If the problem improves but still persists, continue giving the remedy 3 times per day for a few more days until recovery is complete. The dosage for Symphytum is different since it is meant to be taken in a low potency over a longer period of time: Take 3 times per day for two weeks to one month as necessary.

More detailed information about how to use these remedies can be found on my website. To learn more, look at my literature for the Basic Kit.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment on this post or contact the clinic.

By Sonya McLeod
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