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    • Hello Caring Father. There is a homeopathic flu immunization that I offer, I explain it in detail in one of my blog posts: “A Safe, Effective Alternative to the Flu Vaccine.”
      Strengthening the immunity naturally is the best way, consult a homeopath in your area if you can, I also have a blog post about strengthening one’s immunity naturally.
      Email me if you’re interested in the homeopathic immunization, if you live in Canada shipping would be easy: info@littlemountainhomeopathy.com

    • Hi,

      My husband works in the healthcare field and his titers for measles came back negative. They are requiring a live measles vax for him. My 4 yr old son is not vaxed for this and we are concerned about passing the virus onto him.

      Do you think taking a homeopathic remedy for MMR would be a good option for both my husband and son?

      Also, my 6yr old son had a very bad reaction to MMR when he was a toddler, we have not given him any boosters. Since this vax, he has had growth problems, gut problems, behavioral problems, etc. Do you think a dose of the homeopathic MMR remedy would be an effective treatment to these issues?

      Thank you!

      • Hello Tina

        Thanks for your question.

        There is only limited evidence that the homeopathic measles vaccine will produce antibodies; it could very well be that homeopathic immunizations work differently than regular vaccines, keeping in mind that they are as effective as regular vaccines (and in some cases moreso). So I do recommend homeopathic protection for your husband, but I am not certain that the healthcare field will accept this form of vaccinating. As for your son, I would recommend that he get the homeopathic measles vaccine.

        I would recommend that you seek out a local professional classical homeopath for your son who was damaged by the MMR vaccine. If you let me know what are you live in I may be able to make some recommendations.



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  6. I am 7 months pregnant and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have a history of chronic sinus infections (allergic to cotton wood trees and juniper which are all around our property and the town we live in).
    We live in a small town in Colorado, and I know of a two adults and one 3 year old who currently have H1N1. We are all very close here, one Wal-mart we all shop at kind of town.

    My family is really pushing me to get the vaccine for myself and my daughter. I have been reading all sorts of info on the virus and vaccine, and I just don’t know for sure what the best rout to take is. when I get sick, i have a hard time coming back around, i believe it’s because I take antibiotics 3-5 times a year due to sinus infections. I just don’t think I could handle the H1N1 flu being pregnant, and having sinus issues. I also have a very mild case of exercise enduced asthma and I’m told that’s a double whammy if you get the flu.

    what do you reccomend?

    Denise <

    • Hello Denise. Because you have a lot of chronic health problems I recommend constitutional homeopathy. You need to make an appointment with a trained classical homeopath to get constitutional treatment. You can also try Influenzinum. I have it here at my clinic in a 1M potency, you must take it once a month for 6 months. Ideally you need both constitutional treatment and the Influenzinum. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions: info@littlemountainhomeopathy.com

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  8. Dear Sonya,

    I would be interested in taking Infuenzium, however a few years ago I had a head injury and ever since I’ve become real sensitive to all medications, even homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins, minerals etc… Should I take the 1M potentcy that you’ve recommended on your website or should I go with a different potency?
    Also, what potency would you recommend for 3 and 7 year old kids? I live in Toronto ON, unfortunately way too far from your office… should I order this remedy from Helios directly or would you know if anybody else is selling it here in Canada? Thank you so much, Edit

  9. Hi, Sonya. Very good blog. I googled to find you. We live in Massachusetts, and wonder if you can ship to us here. I know of another family also interested. If it is possible could you mention the total cost for 2 people and whether Paypal works for you from the US? Many thanks, John Engleman

  10. Hello, I’m 29 weeks pregnant living in Alberta. I found a homeopathic doctor that recommended the use of 9C Influenzium with 9C Thymuline. I double checked if was safe for pregnant women, they said yes, it is fine to take. I was then consulting with a second homeopathic doctor and mentioned taking the two products. I was shocked at her response it was no, no, no. She said the following “In homeopathy, we do not give nosodes to pregnant women.” I tried to find more info about nosode safety in pregnant woman and have found nothing about the it being a problem. Please help.

    • Hello Pregnant and Confused. I did a very thorough training with the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy for 4 years. During that training we did talk about pregnant women and what homeopathic remedies might be risky for them. Most homeopathics are fine to take during pregnancy with the exception of a few homeopathics made out of herbs which are for example used to stimulate contractions (they could bring on a miscarriage in early months). I have never heard of the nosodes being a problem for pregnant women. I can very safely say that they are NOT problematic during pregnancy. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, I am wondering where the last homeopath you saw got their training… I know a good homeopathic clinic in Calgary if you want a recommendation.

      • What a relief. I had taken oscillococcinum (has nosodes) the other day and have been worrying ever since. I’ve read your article and blog – is the 9c Influenium and Thymuline my best/safest option? I’d be interested in any clinic recommendations you have.

      • Hello again. Don’t worry, Oscillococcinum is completely safe for you! I have heard that Thymuline does work to boost the immunity. The best version of Influenzinum is the one I have because it is a high 1M potency that only needs to be taken once per month plus unlike the Boiron version which is made from the flu vaccine, the version I use is made from the actual viruses which means it is much more effective. Email me if you’re interested in buying my version: info@littlemountainhomeopathy.com I know of one clinic in Calgary and a homeopath in Edmonton, which of these cities are most convenient to you?

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  19. Hi, my baby received his vaccinations at 2 and 4mths ( hibs, pertussis etc), both times he screamed later on in the evening. Since the second set he still has two swollen lumps on his thighs under the skin where the needles were inserted. Also he has been wakening every night after 3/4 hrs when he was previously sleeping through. It is now 6 weeks since his last vaccination. He has another last set of these vaccinations to get and I dont want him to get it. I believe his sleep problems are directly linked to the vaccinations.

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  21. Hi there,
    my 8 mos old baby was just prescribed sepia for her symptoms which include sleep problem. the naturopath said I could try the remedy for myself as well as it might help me. I forgot to ask her whether I could use if for my 2.5 yr old daughter as she has similar symptoms but maybe more intense. is it alright/safe to give it to her? it’s a very low dose of 30cc and just 2tsp 2X in 12 hrs. what do you think? I was just thinking that if homeopathy is safe then it should be alright to give it to her and the worse would be that there’s no result…is that right? my naturopath is away for a couple wks and so I can’t ask her. hope you can help. thanks very much!

    • Hello. It’s definitely safe to give if you only give it a couple times. If you gave it every day for awhile there’s a potential for harmful effects, which usually cease after discontinuing the remedy. If you’re looking for proper homeopathic treatment my advice is to go to someone with proper homeopathic training. A naturopath gets only a total of a few months of homeopathic training whereas classical homeopaths with DCH designation have 4 years of training in homeopathy. It’s a very complex form of medicine which requires proper training. Also something to keep in mind is that everybody is an individual so the chances of everyone in your family needing the same homeopathic remedy are slim to none. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  22. Hi, I recently had extensive foot and ankle surgery (April 23rd) and I stopped taking pain medications approx 10 days later and started taking arnica 6x. Now I am exclusively taking arnica 200ck and hypericum 30c two pellets each every 3-4 hrs but I am not sure if I am taking the right dosages for the pain since I am not getting relief. The pain is not constant, its very sporadic and lasts a few minutes and then disappears. If you have any information/advice, it would be great! I also do not know if hypericum is the right remedy for me. The surgery involved bone as well as a repair a ligament. Thank you!!

  23. Hello Pregnant and Confused. I did a very thorough training with the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy for 4 years. During that training we did talk about pregnant women and what homeopathic remedies might be risky for them. Most homeopathics are fine to take during pregnancy with the exception of a few homeopathics made out of herbs which are for example used to stimulate contractions (they could bring on a miscarriage in early months). I have never heard of the nosodes being a problem for pregnant women. I can very safely say that they are NOT problematic during pregnancy. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, I am wondering where the last homeopath you saw got their training… I know a good homeopathic clinic in Calgary if you want a recommendation.

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  27. Hi,
    I have had chronic fatigue for 2 years and am still house-bound. Recently, I became aware that perhaps my amalgam filling (7) and many crowns (underlay is gold and amalgam) are causing my continued fatigue, ringing ears, palpitations, tremors, anxiety etc.
    I was about to undergo chelation therapy until I (luckily) read your article on the dangers of its use. I am about to start your detox program instead, as it sounds harmless and in my already compromised state, would be appropriate.
    Can you recommend a homeopath in North Vancouver to help me with detox, or even just recommend to me a homeopathic remedy which I could purchase myself…. much appreciated and thank god I read your article.

    • Hello Serah
      I’m glad you came across the article.
      If you are looking for a gentle detox try the Heel Detox Kit (It’s homeopathic). You could also try juicing, fasting, or anything I mentioned in my article.
      Classical homeopathic prescribing helps your body heal itself. If your body needs to detox, it will detox naturally after the classical homeopath has prescribed you your remedy. Look at the Canadian Society of Homeopaths or BC Society of Homeopaths member list to find a qualified homeopath in your area.

  28. I would like to use the diagram of homeopathic dilution that is on your homepage in a lecture to be given at the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Please let me know if there is a copyright protection for this diagram. Thank you.

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  34. Hi,

    My 3yo son has been battling ezcema since he was an infant and i was wondering if you knew of any homeopathic doctors in hawaii (oahu) we could see? I really appreciate your recommendations on what we should use to moisturize him with. All this time we were using cerave cream and aqhaphor which is not the best for his skin. For the past month, he has had a hard time getting a good night sleep becuase he is so itchy and irratable. His skin is pretty bad and we have been giving him regular oatmeal baths, regulating his diet, etc… but nothing seems to be helping him significantly. We are desparate for help and want to help our son. Please help!

  35. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. For the past couple of weeks I took a couple of doses of different remedies for my cough, on-and-off sore throat, and back pains. I have taken Hepar Sulph (30c), Silica (30c), Rhus Tox (30c), and the nosode Streptococinum (200c). I am really worried sick now as I read from one of the websites that Hepar Sulph and Silica are dangerous during early pregnancy and that nosodes should not be given to pregnant women as they may harm the baby and cause defects. Is this true? What are your thoughts on this?

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  37. Hcg diet I need more information.
    Also hcg if taken will stop menses so how to handle that?
    Hcg Homoeopathy prooving kindly share the same. And where is hcg homoeopathic potency available.? Which potency do u recommend here? Awaited reply

    • Thank you for your inquiry
      There’s lots of information about the HCG diet online (there’s a couple websites listed in my article that have more info)
      A normal course of HCG lasts less than a month, so stopping the menses should not be an issue – in fact it’s best to take between periods
      I am not aware of an HCG proving
      Not sure where to get HCG in India, there are a number of places selling it in the US (just do a google search online)
      The potency I use is a potency chord: 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X

  38. Hi

    I became pregnant in the middle of November and from the first ultrasound it appears that the little embryo is too small to be viable. Unfortunately I have not had a period to release it. (Now Jan 4). On the 10th I will have my second ultrasound and I am concerned that they will recommend a D&C – which is of no interest to me.

    Is there a homeopathic remedy that would work to bring on my period after I get the news? I will be just shy of 2 months pregnant by that time…


  39. Father given a death sentence please help. He was just diagnosed with stage 4 esphogus cancer and we where looking at the Vidatox from Cuba we would like to try it but worried about going through canada customs back. Do you have this here ?

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