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  1. hi my name kamran hasan khan liveing in INDIA Pilibhit running a NGO named as GRAND FUTURE MULTI SOCIAL SOCIETY We are basicaly working in our comunity to emprove there education level and health so there are so many flu comes in seasional basiss so we want to do camps from the side of Ngo but in india there is vaccen of swain flu, h b , and chicken pox so please give me details about upword vaccen, where i can buy it in INDIA.
    please give rewart me back as soon as possible.
    thank with regards
    kamran hasan khan
    from PILIBHIT (U.P.) INDIA

    • Hello Maggie. I don’t know of anyone in the Toronto area. Make sure that they are a classical homeopath and that they are a member of a homeopathic association. Since homeopathy is not regulated you will have to ensure you go to someone who is properly qualified.

  2. HEllo I live in Vancouver (Delta area) and I wish to know where can I get dandelion fresh leaves.

  3. Hi My son is 13 yrs old and has never been vaccinated. Should I be introducing something homeopathic to him?
    He is very healthy and has no health issues to date.

  4. Hello My name is Julia and I have a 5 years old son, He started to stutter on and off by the age of 2 1/2 . He took all the vaccines 2,4,6months+ 1 year old dtap and 18 months the MMR . We refuse to give him the second MMR. He took the chicken pox vaccin and now his statter came back . I am pretty sure the vaccines had an effect on him . Is it possible to have a treatment to clean his body from the heavy metals and the effects of the traditional vaccines? Definalty we would like to refuse any form of vaccines with our second child, on his way . I am interested to find more about the homeopathic vaccinations. We are leaving in Vancouver area . Can I make an appoitment ?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Julia, thank you for your message. I agree, it does sound like the vaccines had some negative effect on your son. Yes, homeopathic treatment can clean his body from vaccines. I am happy to provide you with information about homeopathic vaccines. I am going to send you an email re: setting up an appointment. You can also reach me by phone or email to set up the appointment: lmhomeopath@gmail.com or 604-677-7742

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